Bathukamma Festival

Bathukamma Festival

The Batukamma festival is celebrated in the Telangana region during the Ashwuja month. The nine-day festival is celebrated in the state of Andhra Pradesh along with Telangana. However, the festival is more important in Telangana than in Andhra Pradesh.

The festival, which comes two days before Dussehra, is called Batukamma festival, Batakamma festival, Gauri festival and Saddula festival. The Batukamma festival is as important as the Dussehra festival. But the Batukamma festival is a festival for women.

With the end of the rainy season and the onset of winter, the climate of Telangana is all green. The Mother Nature is adorned with green saree. The ponds are filled with fresh water. Many varieties of flowers bloom in a variety of colors. Of these, tangled flowers are number one. But also the fruits are broken. The corn crop is also ready for harvest.

Telangana weather is pleasant for the farmers as well as for the nature. In such an environment, Telangana girls celebrate the Batukamma festival with its magnificent and colorful flowers.

The rush of houses begins a week before the Batukamma festival. Telangana girls who are looking forward to the Batukamma festival will arrive at Putnamti a week before the festival and prepare for the festival. From the days before the main festival, the Telangana girls make small balloons and sing the Batukamma songs every evening. After that, Batukammani is immersed in the pond.

The celebration of the last day of the Batukamma festival, both eyes to see the glory. The scene that makes Nana so charming. On that day, all the men go out to the pasture, and come to haunt the flowers and lily. After that, everyone in the house will make a bathukamma, drinking, lily flowers, and a few other flowers. Buttukamma is the dominant flower of the rest of the flowers, and the flowers of the Tangade are dominant.

The rest of the flowers come in circles on a copper plate, along with the ganu and tango. Bathukamma is made to look attractive after one color flower after another. Then the flowers are tied together and stacked on them. Varieties of flowers are used in the center. The floral arrangement is so big that it looks so big and beautiful.

Once the flowers are well stacked, the yellow gourmet is placed on the bathukamma and decorated with lamps. Batukamma is made into a house and is worshiped in the house. After that, Batukamma is brought out and the girls are singing songs of praise of Gauri Devi with songs around Batukamma.

The girls wear new clothes and wear all kinds of jewelry. After playing for a long time, the males immerse them in the pond. And then the water brought to the plate, the females come to play instruments called vayanamma. Afterwards, the perugnanum, maize or peanuts or pesara seeds brought from the house can be fried and crushed into a jaggery or jaggery puddle to give to each other.

On the evening of the last day of the Batukamma ceremony, the girls all dress nicely and put on the porch. People around them will also have to fit their buttocks in a similar way to reach them in large circles. Singing and singing songs around the human haram like Bathukamma with unity and love. Singing and singing songs around the human haram like Bathukamma with unity and love. If one starts the song first, the rest will sing with them. These folk songs evoke a unique Telangana culture. When it falls in the dark, all the banquets are placed on the head of the large pond or pool.

The procession is a festive occasion with beautiful beautifully decorated ladies, bangles and instruments. The women who reach the reservoir swoop in the water, singing and playing the bathukamma. Afterwards, a recipe called “Maletholabala” made with sugar and bread is distributed to relatives. They are then brought home with an empty platter.

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