7 Best waterfalls in Telangana

7 Best waterfalls in Telangana

There is 7 Best waterfalls in Telangana. Kuntala waterfalls is the largest waterfalls in telangana state. Bogatha waterfalls is the second largest waterfalls in the state. This is also calles as the Niagara of telangana.

  1. Kuntala Waterfalls
  2. Mallela Theertham waterfalls
  3. Pochera Waterfalls
  4. Gayathri Waterfalls near Adilabad
  5. Sahastrakund Waterfalls near Adilabad
  6. Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls near Warangal
  7. Bogatha waterfalls, The Niagara of Telangana


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