bogatha waterfalls

Bogatha waterfall, The Niagara of Telangana

Bogatha waterfalls

Telangana’s Niagara Bogatha waterfall is located in Chikkupalli, Vazadu zone, Mulluga district. This waterfalls is blowing with heavy rains at the top. Tourists flock to this place to see the beauty. Heavy rainfall in Maharashtra at the top, the slopes and bends are overflowing. To this end the flood flow to Bogota Falls is increased.

A large number of students, employees and young people would arrived in Weekends. Tourists from all over the state are flocking to see the beautiful beauty. Tourists from other states of Maharashtra are also coming. Surrounding the falls is the bustling area with thousands of tourists.

How to reach bogatha waterfalls

Address: chekupelli, Koyaveerapuram G, Wazeedu Mandal, Mulugu district, Telangana

By Air

  • Airport which is nearest to Bogatha Falls is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.
  • It is located at a distance of 330 km.
  • From the airport there are number of cabs are available to reach the desired destination.

By Rail

  • The Nearest railway station to reach the Bogatha Waterfalls is Bhadrachalam Road Railway Station.
  • It is located at a distance of 120 km.
  • From the railway station number of cabs and sharing vehicles are available to reach the desired destination.

By Road
It is located

  • 23kms from Eturnagaram,
  • 110 Kms from Jayashankar (Bhupalpally) headquarters,
  • 123kms from Warangal,
  • 243 kms from Khammam,
  • 123 kms from Bhadrachalam,
  • 280 kms from capital Hyderabad.

Bogatha waterfalls height

The water is dropping from 30 feet height in a number of parallel streams, the water is formed as a large pool at the bottom of the falls. The pool is good to swim and is a best activity here.

Bogatha waterfalls to Laknavaram

The distance between bogatha waterfall to laknavaram is 141 km.

second largest waterfall in the Telangana

The Bogatha waterfall is the second largest waterfall in Telangana state.

Bogatha waterfalls – Telangana Tourism

Best time to visit Bogatha waterfall is between June and november. There is no road for some distance so need to walk around 1km to reach the waterfall.

Telangana’s Nayagara

Bogatha waterfall is called as Telangana Niagara Jalapatham.


09:00 am to 05:00 pm


Rs: 10/-


All days open

Top 3 attractions at Bogatha waterfalls

  • watch tower,
  • Butterfly garden,
  • children’s park


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