List of dams and reservoirs in Telangana

Dams in india

Dams in india:

List of dams and reservoirs in Telangana : 1   Nizam Sagar, Nizamabad 1931 Drinking water for Nizamabad, Hyderabad.  Useful for Electricity and Irrigation Oldest dam in Telangana State

2 Nagarjuna Sagar Dam: Nalgonda & Guntur 1967 Drinking water, electricity and Irrigation.
2a Nagarjuna Sagar tail lake, Nalgonda & Guntur Hydroelectric.
3 Singur Dam, Medak 1989 Drinking water for Hyderabad, electricity and Irrigation.
4 Sriram Sagar, Nizamabad 1977 Drinking water, electricity and Irrigation.
5 Lower Manair Dam, Karimnagar 1985 Drinking Water for Karimangar, Warangal and Irrigation.
6 Upper Manair Dam, Karimnagar 1985 Drinking Water and Irrigation.
7 Kadam Reservoir, Adilabad 1958 Water for Irrigation.
8 Yellampalli, Karimnagar Drinking Water and Irrigation.
9 Srisailam Dam, Kurnool & Mahbubnagar 1984 Drinking water, electricity and Irrigation.
9a Srisailam tail lake, Kurnool & Mahbubnagar u/c Hydroelectric.
10 Jurala Project, Mahbubnagar 1995 Hydroelectric and Irrigation.
11 Pulichinthala Project, Guntur & Nalgonda Hydroelectric and Irrigation.
12 Sri Komaram Bheem Project, Adilabad 2011 Water for Drinking and Irrigation.
13 Ramagundam Dam, Karimnagar NA Water for NTPC.
14 Lower Jurala informed, Mahabubnagar Hydroelectric Power.
15 Rajolibanda Dam 1956 Water for Irrigation.
16 Dummugudem lift Irrigation theme, Khammam Water for Irrigation.
17 Dindi Reservoir.
18 Vattivagu Reservoir, Adilabad Medium Irrigation.
19 Osman Sagar Reservoir.
20 Himayath Sagar.
21 Musi Reservoir.
22 Pranahita Chevella.
24 Koilsagar.
25 Icchampally Project, Karimnagar 26 Swarna Reservoir, Adilabad Medium Irrigation.
27 Mathadivagu Reservoir.
28 SRSP Project Dam.
30 Sathnala Dam, Adilabad.
32 Shankara Samudram equalization Reservoir.
33 Alimineti Madhava Reddy Project.
34 Udaya Samudram equalization Reservoir.
35 Peddadevulapally equalization Reservoir.
36 Ramanpad reservoir.
36 Gundrevula reservoir, Mahaboobnagar and Kurnool.
36 Singotam reservoir.
37 Jonnalaboguda reservoir.
38 Pulkurthy Reservoir.
39 Salivagu Reservoir.
40 Nashkal Reservoir
41 Palakurthy Reservoir
42 Nawabpet Reservoir.
43 Tapaspalli Reservoir.
44 Pocharam Dam Reservoir.
46 Manjeera Reservoir.
47 Mylaram Reservoir.
48 Devadula project lift irrigation.
49 Chakunta Reservoir.
50 Pakhala Reservoir.
51 Chalivagu Reservoir.
52 Narsingapur Reservoir.
53 Bheemghanpur Reservoir.
54 Rangaiah-Yerraiah Reservoir.
55 Wyra Reservoir.
56 Kinnerasani Reservoir.
57 Palair Reservoir.
57 Kanthapally Barrage.
58 Shanigaram Reservoir.
59 Thotapally Reservoir.
60 Alisagar Reservoir, Nizamabad 1931.
61 Alisagar lift Irrigation theme, Nizamabad 2002 Irrigation.
62 Lower Penganga stream Irrigation Project.
Maharashtra (Yavatmal and Chandrapur districts) and Telangana (Adilabad).

1997 Drinking Water and Irrigation. Godavari water judicature award in 1975. Granted by the State Governments of MA (CM knife Manohar Joshi) and AP (CM Naidu) in 1997.

Dams in india

current water levels in telangana dams

Ongoing projects.

63 Lendi, Nizamabad and Maharashtra.
64 Sadarmat, Adilabad.
65 Pedavagu, Adilabad.
66 Neelwai, Adilabad.
67 Ralevagu, Adilabad.
68 Gollavagu, Adilabad.
69 Suddavagu, Adilabad.
70 Chelmelavagu Project (NTR Sagar), Adilabad.
71 PP Rao Project, Adilabad.

List of dams and reservoirs in Telangana

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