kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project | Largest Project in Telangana

The kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme in Telangana is named the world’s largest lift irrigation project, which is shaping up to disturb the water mourning in the state, covering many areas. Farmers’ suicides in Maharashtra after Vidarbha are the second highest number of states in the state due to lack of monsoon rains or irrigation facilities, the project is capable of replacing the tragic story of Telangana.

largest lift irrigation project

kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme: kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme cost Rs 80,000 crores. So far the country’s first state-of-the-art state project. The kaleshwaram irrigation project will cover 18 lakh acres in 13 districts and cover 17 lakh acres in seven other districts – covering almost the entire state.

Covering many towns and cities: The kaleshwaram irrigation project provides drinking water to many towns and cities in the state, especially the most important cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Moreover, this project provides water for industries in many states. How to distribute kaleshwaram irrigation project water and see how it distributes:
The kaleshwaram irrigation project controls water at the confluence of three rivers with Godavari. For this, Jayalankar is building a barrack at Medhagai in the Bhopalapalli district. The Indian Express said that water from here would be reverse pumped into the main godavari and the reservoirs, water tunnels, pipelines and massive canals and the complex system.

Capacity of 145 TMCs:
kaleshwaram irrigation project is divided into seven links and 28 packages. It is necessary to dig 20 reservoirs in 13 districts, which have a total capacity of 145 TMC. These reservoirs are connected by a network of tunnels approximately 330 km away.

Madaram Reservoir:
The longest tunnel connects the 21 kilometer long and the Yellampally Reservoir with the Medaram reservoir. The canal network under the project is 1832 km and takes up to 500 km from the source. The main center of the Kondapattuma Reservoir Project in Gajewal will be removed from the main sea level at a height of 650 meters.
In the first week of August, the kaleshwaram irrigation project will produce 139 MW mammoth pumps to generate a world record for lifting daily water to 2,000 Million cubic feet (TMC). 2 TMC water is pumped in two barrels – Annararam and Sundi. From here, the water goes to Ellampalli Reservoir. Water supply will be started from Yolapalli through gravitational canals and pipelines.

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