Latest Telangana Budget 2018-19

Telangana Budget 2018-19

The Telangana government has allocated a budget of Rs 1,74,453 crore for the financial year 2018-19. In this regard, the Telangana state budget of the year 2018-19 was introduced by the Finance Minister Etela Rajender in  Legislative Assembly. Then the budget speech started. The revenue expenditure was Rs 1,25,454 crore, the Finance Minister said. State’s income was Rs 73,751 crore.

The central share is Rs. 29,041 crore. This is the fifth time to introduce the budget. This is the last full budget of the Chief KCR Sarkar before the forthcoming general elections.

Telangana state budget

Total Rs. 1,74,453 crores

Revenue expenditure is Rs. 1,25,454.70 crores

☀ Capital Expenditure Rs. 33,369 crores

State revenue is Rs. 73,751 crores

☀ central share is Rs. 29,041 crores

☀ Revenue surplus estimated at Rs. 5,520 crores

☀ Cash deficit estimated at Rs. 29,077 crores

☀ State GDP is growing every year. This year the state’s GDP is expected to be 10.4 per cent

☀ Last year’s per capital income was Rs. 1,75,534 crores

☀ As of 2017-18, total debts amounted to Rs. 1,80,238 crores

☀ By the end of this financial year, 1,51,133 crores

We have made significant progress in macro production

☀ growth of Rs 1,04,757 crore

The total debt in GSMDP is 21.39%

☀ Four miles have passed over the four-year journey. It is happy to introduce the budget for the fifth time.

Double bedroom room Rs. 2,643 crores

☀ Water Flow Rs. 25,000 crores

☀ crops investment support scheme Rs. 12 thousand crores

Rs. 500 crores

☀ Farm Mechanization Rs. 522 crore, drip irrigation plant Rs. 127 crores

☀ Rs. 2946 crores

Rs 1,450 crore for Kalyan Lakshmi and Shadimu Babar

☀ Women’s child care Rs. 1,799 crores

Attraction of investments with new industrial policy

Telangana is the country of agriculture

☀ In the year 2018-19, the farmer has invested Rs 8,000 acre

For Former investment Rs. 12,000 crore allocation

☀ In 100 days, we have undergone ground insolvency. Soon we are getting ready

Registration of MRO Offices in Regional Offices of Registration

The farmer coordinates between the government and the farmers.

The farmer’s intention is to provide the best price for farmers.

100% subsidy for SC farmers for micro irrigation equipment. Construction of farmer bazaars with modern housing

☀ Rs. 1500 crore for urban development. 1,000 crores

☀ Mission Kakatiya Rs. 25000

Poly House, Green House Rs. 120 crores

☀ Drip irrigation is Rs. 127 crores

☀ municipalities and corporations Rs. 1,000 crores

☀ Rs. 1469 crores

☀ Rs. 10,830 crores. 2,823 crores

☀ Rs. 1,286 crores. 7,251 crores

☀ Minorities welfare of Rs. 2,500 crores

☀ Medical and Health Rs. 7,375 crores

☀ Amma’s plan is Rs 561 crores

☀ Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Rs 15,563 crore

Rs. 1,081 crores

Rs 300 crore for Warangal corporation and Rs 400 crore for other corporations

☀ Rs. 250 crores

☀ Vemulavada Temple Development Rs. 100 crores

☀ Bhadrachalam temple development is Rs. 100 crores

☀ Basara and Dharmapuri temples Rs. 50 crore allotment

☀ Backward classes Rs. 5,925 crores

☀ Rs. 8,063 crores. 12,790 crores

Rs 15,780 crore for agriculture and market sectors

SC Progress Fund up to Rs. 16,453 crores. 9,693 crores

☀ R & D to the Department of Roads and Building (R & B) 5,573 crores

☀ Electricity sector Rs. 5,650 crores

☀ Cold storage costs Rs. 132 crores

☀ Our State Egg Basket of India Our state is the country’s largest producer of chicken meat

Rs. 109 crores

☀ IT department Rs. 289 crores

☀ Cultural dept Rs. 58 crores

With a new industrial policy, manufacturing grew by 6.4 per cent

☀ Increase in the power sector has increased farming.

☀ 24 hours electricity supply is substantial.

Rs. 200 crore for the Steel Federation

☀ Nai Brahmin Federation Rs.250 crores

Rs. 100 crore for Brahmins Welfare

☀ Journalists’ welfare of Rs. 75 crore

☀ Advocates’ welfare of Rs. 100 crores

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