No National Status for Kaleshwaram

No National Status for Kaleshwaram Project

Telangana’s Rs 80,000 crore Kaleshwaram irrigation project. No National Status for Kaleshwaram Project for World’s Largest Lift Irrigation Project.

Advantages of National Project Status :

The main advantage of a project that has received national project status is that ninety percent of the funding for the project are given by the central government. Usually , Major multi purpose irrigation projects which useful for power generation, storage of water etc., that need big amount of capital for construction area unit given national project status because state governments cannot afford such large capital.

No National Status for Kaleshwaram

List of National Projects:

There are 16 National Projects:

1. Kulsi Dam Project (Assam)

2. Polavaram Project (Andhra Pradesh)

3. Noa-Dihing Dam Project (Arunachal Pradesh)

4. Upper Siang Project(Arunachal Pradesh)

5. Renuka Dam Project(Himachal Pradesh)

6. Gyspa HE Project (Himachal Pradesh)

7. Kishau Multipurpose Project (Himachal Pradesh/ Uttarakhand)

8. Ujh Multipurpose project (Jammu & Kashmir)

9. Bursar HE Project(Jammu & Kashmir)

10. Gosikhurd Irrigation Project (Maharashtra)

11. Ken Betwa Link Project Phase-I (Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh)

12. Shahpurkandi Dam Project (Punjab)

13. 2nd Ravi Vyas Link Project (Punjab)

14. SaryuNaharPariyojna(Uttar Pradesh)

15. Lakhwar Multipurpose Project (Uttarakhand)

16. Teesta Barrage Project (West Bengal)

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