Surendrapuri Ticket Cost, Distance between Yadagirigutta to Surendrapuri

Surendrapuri Ticket Price 2020

Surendrapuri Situated near the Yadagiri Gutta in Nalgonda district. Surendrapuri Hanumadeswara Temple is a must visit place. The Kunda Satyanarayana Art Gallery is a Hindu Dharma Sculpture Temple.

In the words of the organizers, it is a Hindu Dharma stall that can take tourists to a new world. Here, visitors can see some of the most famous sculptures in India. Visitors can some of the most famous sculptures of ancient temples.

The statue of a huge five-faced Hanuman can be taken with Hanuman’s hand. You can drink coffee made with cow milk. Visitors can enjoy the wonders of the spiritual realms of the land by taking a look at the magnificent scenery.

The temple has a huge statue of Lord Shiva. The idol of Lord Panchamukha is seen from behind this idol. The fade of the temple is magnificent with trinity.

It is remarkable that nine temples. They are built here separately from the other deities of the supreme deity.


Outside lunch is not allowed in the Kunda Satyanarayana Kala Dhamam. Vegetarian food is available at Kunda Satyanarayana Art Gallery. Ban on Non – Veg Food Surendrapuri.

How to Reach Surendrapuri

It is about 65 km from Hyderabad and near Yadagiri Gutta. The Raigiri Railway Station is very close to the place. The Yadagiri bus stand is well connected to Hyderabad, Warangal and Nalgonda by buses. The closest railway station to Surendrapuri is about 65 km from Hyderabad. All buses to Yadadri will take you to Surendrapuri. Bus services are available from Hyderabad, Warangal and Nallagonda districts.

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