Telangana movement material

Telangana movement material for latest exams-part 1

Telangana movement: In December 1953, States Reorganization Commission was constituted for the establishment of language states. According to the public opinion, the commission has divided the state of Hyderabad and recommended Marathi-speaking areas in the state of Bombay.

The Kannada-speaking areas in the state of Mysore. This commission report (SRC) will discuss the benefits of merging the Telugu speaking Telangana regions of Andhra Pradesh in Andhra State and support the merger in Andhra Pradesh.

Nevertheless, the then state government led by Jawaharlal Nehru made Telangana security through the Maha Mandal Agreement and then decided to form Andhra Pradesh by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on November 1, 1956.

1969 Movement:

Immigration from the Andhra region continued unabated as the Hyderabad state administration was under the administration of the military and civil authorities until the government was formed in 1952 after the Police Action in 1952. Till then, they were trained under the British in the Andhra region and brought the experienced officers to Telangana.

Mulki had already given jobs to immigrants that he was not in the state of Hyderabad. Immigration increased further after the merger of Andhra state Hyderabad in 1956. The locals are allotted to the locals. The Special Telangana Movement fire broke out in 1969 when the gentlemen’s agreement was delayed.

On January 5, 1969, Telangana employees were protesting after the Majority employees in Andhra Pradesh were employed at the Thermal Station in Palmuna, Khammam district. It was the beginning of the movement of the movement. It has been decided to go on hunger strike from January 10.

The daily wage labor leader Krishna was fasting for the fast, demanding the implementation of Telangana safeguards. The district headquarters of the movement landed in the town of Khammam. BA in the town on 9 January Student and National Students Union leader Raveendranath Gandhichouk started an indefinite fast.

Apart from him, Shri Kavirajamurthy, poet, Khammam Muncipi Vice-President, also participated in the hunger strike. On the next day, the movement on Nizamabad on January 10 Osmania University students joined the movement. Telangana students’ function set at Osmania University on January 13th.

For the first time, students have announced their goal of special Telangana practice. The Student Activity Committee has selected Medical student Mallikarjun as the general secretary. Mallikarjun called for students to prepare for any sacrifices.

On 13th January, all the city leaders convened a meeting of the Telangana Conservation Committee. Complete support for students. On January 20, Shamshabad fired at the school student for the first time. The Central Government, which observed the agitation of the movement, has set up a committee chaired by Justice Bhargava to look into the funds of Telangana.
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