TS panchayet Secretary syllabus, exam pattern 2018 and exam date

TS panchayet Secretary course of study 2018 and test pattern explained
in details! For a higherunderstanding of the TS Junior panchayet Secretary test, it’s vital
 to find out the
topic-wise test pattern and course of study of Telangana panchayet Secretary. TS panchayet 
Secretary notification
is already out for 9355 vacancies of Junior panchayet Secretary, and also the TS panchayet 
Secretary on-line application canbegin from third September 2018. 
to assist you ace the test, we’ve 
shared below the entire TSPSC panchayet Secretary course of study and test pattern. 
you’ll conjointly transfer TS 
panchayet Secretary course of study 
PDF at the tip of the post.

TS panchayet Secretary test Pattern 2018
TS panchayet Secretary choice method 
can surface in 2 phases; Written check and Interview. 
verify the testpattern of the TSPSC achievement two018 for Junior panchayet Secretary each
 for Paper one and Paper 2.


(Objective Type) Degree customary

Number of




Time length

Paper 1

General Studies and Mental Ability, Culture and History of Telangana

100  100  2 Hours

Paper 2

Telangana panchayet Raj Act, 2018, Rural Development Programmes,
 alternative Government schemes as well as Government of India and Government of Telangana

100 100 2 Hours


The TSPSC written test are of objective sort consisting
{of two|of two} papers- Paper one and Paper 2

TSPSC Paper one and Paper two carries a hundred marks every.
For every correct answer, you’ll be allotted one mark
1/4th mark are subtracted for each wrong answer
TS panchayet Secretary course of study 2018
The official course of study of TS Junior panchayet Secretary for each Paper 
one and Paper two is compiled below briefly. we have a tendency to listed all
the topics which could be asked in Junior panchayet Secretary test.

TS Junior panchayet Secretary Paper one course of study
General Studies Current affairs – Regional, National and International
Environmental problems and Disaster Management
International Relations and Events
General Science in way of life
Geography and Economy of Republic of India and Telangana
Modern Indian History with attention on Indian National Movement
Indian Constitution: Salient options
Indian form of government and Government
Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana
History of Telangana and Telangana Movement
Policies of Telangana State
Mental Ability (verbal and non-verbal):
a) Logical Reasoning
b) Comprehension
c) arranging of sentences with a read to improving analysis of a passage
d) Numerical and pure mathematics skills
TS Junior panchayet Secretary Paper two course of study
Telangana panchayet rule Act, 2018
Evolution of panchayet rule system in Republic of India as well as
Roles and responsibilities of panchayet Secretary
Constitutional amendments and reports of varied Committees
Rural Sociology: History and Evolution of schemes


Exam Date: coming soon

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